Every business builds a brand. It is their corporate identity that allows them to stand out from their competitors and relate to their customer base. Graphic designers may wish to specialize in branding or work for a firm that does so.
What does this type of design work entail and what do you need to know about it? Let's look at the basics of branding work.

To create a brand for a company is to create their image and to promote that image with campaigns and visuals. Working in branding allows a graphic designer or design firm to get involved with many aspects of the industry, from logo design to advertising to copywriting and slogans. The goal of a brand is to make a company unique and recognizable and to project the desired image that the company wishes to portray. Over time, a brand can make a company a household name and identifiable by a simple shape or color. To create a brand for a company, a designer needs to fully understand the goals of the organization and the industry as a whole. This research and base knowledge can be used to work with designs to create the appropriate materials to represent that company.

As a graphic designer working in branding, the work you will do may be different than that of other designers. It is a specialty within this field that requires a broader focus as you may not simply be designing websites or brochures, but instead working on an entire campaign and ensuring the consistent message reaches the various media.

You may be asked to work on any of the following elements of a branding campaign:

  • Logo design
  • Business card design
  • Letterhead design
  • Packaging
  • Copywriting
  • Writing slogans
  • Advertising design
  • Typeface design
  • Research
  • Marketing

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